Cover & Concealment- August 22, 2024

Cover & Concealment- August 22, 2024


August 22, 2024    
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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FT3 Tactical
8230 Electric Ave, Stanton, CA, 90680

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The effectiveness of a fighting rifle is determined by the rifleman’s ability to leverage its advantages in eliminating threats. In our “Cover & Concealment class,” you will learn what low-percentage and high-percentage shots are, and how they affect your accuracy and speed. Learn how to shoot from cover and through cover, and how to use the rifle’s ability to over-penetrate and under-penetrate under certain conditions. By the end of class, you’ll know what practical self-defense advantages the rifle offers, and avoid the disadvantages that are inherent in using a rifle. Most importantly, you’ll be able to maximize your rifle’s potential for neutralizing threats effectively.

Required Gear List for Cover & Concealment

  • Serviceable Semi-Automatic rifle
  • Aiming Device(optic or iron sights)
  • Rifle sling (one or two-point)
  • 3 rifle magazines (minimum)
  • 2 rifle magazine carriers
  • 150 rounds of rifle ammunition (no steel core, no steel-cased ammo)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection




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