Sticker Pack


Get all 3 of the stickers from TRB.

1- TRB Sticker (4″ x 2.03″)
1- Unconvicted Felon Sticker (2.09″ x 4″)
1- 2ARMS sticker (3.42″ x 4″)

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What is an Unconvicted Felon?

Despite California having some of the strictest gun laws, our gun community is considered one of the most tight-knit and strongest in the nation. “Free states” point and laugh at compliant builds and the hoops that we must jump through to abide by the law (and rightfully so). What newcomers and outsiders don’t fully understand is what lengths that we are willing to go to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. The irony is it’s no secret that the government creates pointless laws in an attempt to disarm us no matter; regardless of what state we’re in. We’re all one arbitrary regulation or unconstitutional law away from having to decide where to draw the line and ignore the rules. Thus, to an extent, we’re all “Unconvicted Felons”. Some of us just don’t know it yet.

What is 2ARMS?

2ARMS is a play on words of Paul Revere’s legendary battle cry and for 2A Rights Matter. It’s Tap Rack Bang’s reminder to be an honorable representative of the 2A community, and a call to recruit others to the cause. Ultimately, being a good 2A advocate is more than just owning firearms, it’s about always striving for mastery with our guns and being a capable civilian defender.

The 2ARMS logo is comprised of two Brown Bess muskets and an AR-15.
The Brown Bess was the weapon that earned our freedoms.
The AR-15 is how we’ll continue to protect it.


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